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Christina James was born in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1980 and has had an Online Presence having worked on several well-known Online Psychic Websites over the years. She is a well-respected and gifted Psychic Medium in her field of expertise and has read for many Celebrities, business entrepreneurs, and people from all professions, races, nationalities and walks of life over the past 18 years. She is at the TOP of her field among her peers and highly Gifted at what she does. Christina has endured many of her own losses, trauma and pain in life which has made her a stronger person and aided in her own Spiritual growth. By facing those obstacles and life changing events that happened to her - Christina has grown spiritually over the years in her gifts as both a Psychic and a Medium. Being able to guide and help others in life through the means of connection to Spirit guides and providing answers and comfort to those in need is not just a job in life to Christina, but her TRUE CALLING to provide comfort and help to others in need.

Christina, always knew she was different. She had Psychic Visions and gifts where she saw and spoke to the spirits of her dead ancestors as a small child, saw visions and things long before they would happen. Christina would often fear the night as a small child because of these visions. It was very difficult for Christina growing up to embrace her gifts in entirety, as she was raised by parents who were Jehovah's Witnesses. Christina knew she could never share these gifts with her family growing up, as they would not approve.

At the age of 10 years old, Christina saved up her allowance and bought her first tarot deck and hid it in her bedroom throughout her teen years - constantly moving it to different locations - being in fear of being caught with the deck. However, she could not part with the tarot deck no matter how much she knew her family would disapprove and how much trouble she would be in. In time, that first tarot deck would help her to hone in, and channel her gifts as a psychic, taking them to a whole new level and being able to help others. Since the time Christina bought her first tarot deck 27 years ago, her gifts as a Psychic and Medium have grown tremendously.

Although Christina is very adept in the use of tarot cards, a tool that she uses to connect to her Spirit Guides to  channel important and special messages from the beyond to relay to her clients, the tarot stands only as a tool to connect to the Psychic realm. Christina is also proficient in Rune readings, angel card readings, and remote viewing readings using the Crystal ball. Christina believes her Psychic abilities and gifts were handed down through generations of Psychics in her family on her Mother's side.

Christina's maternal grandmother, Constance (Connie), was a very gifted tea leaf reader living in England during both the first and second World Wars and was well-regarded for her powers with the tea leaves. Christina's great aunt in England, Carol, was a Medium and conducted séances. Back in those days, it was much more common for Psychic Mediums to connect with their lost loved ones by means of a séance. It was also told to Christina by her parents when they were alive that in times before her grandparent's time,  that her mother's family had relatives that were traveling Gypsies in England, moving with their wagons through the countryside and providing tarot readings to people along their path through different towns and villages.